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Pod Honorowym Patronatem Prezydenta Miasta Jaworzna
Miejskie Centrum Kultury i Sportu w Jaworznie, ul. Krakowska 8

Terms & Conditions
Main Race 15 km and 9 km

Miejskie Centrum Kultury i Sportu
ul.Krakowska 8
43-600 Jaworzno
tel.(32)7451030 and next 80

Route of Main Race
Distance 15 km, surface 100% asphalt, diverse configuration of route. at 3,5,9, and 13 km there will be refreshing spots (still mineral water). Due to the layout of streets in town there is time limit for every runner for finishing the race:7km- 55 minutes., 15km- 2hour 00 minutes

Detailed Program
12.00 a.m- opening competition office
3.45 p.m- closing competition office
3.55 p.m- greeting competitors at start line
4.00 p.m - start to main race and 9 km
6.30 p.m- awarding prizes to winners of youth race and main race 15 km

1. General women, men and and age groups
Men                                                    Women
M16 16-19 years old          (2002-99)       K16 16-29 years old               (2002-89)
M20 20-29 years old          (1998-89)       K30 30-39 years old               (1988-79)
M30 30-39 years old          (1988-79)       K40 40-49 years old               (1978-69)
M40 40-49 years old          (1978-69)       K50 50-59 years old               (1968-59)
M50 50-59 years old          (1968-59)       K60 60 years old and more     (1958 and older)
M60 60-69 years old          (1958-49)
M70 70 years old and more (1948 and older)
2.Classification of disabled (only hands and legs). Organizer requires a certificate 05-R.

3.Classification of city residents from Jaworzno

Measurement of Time
In 23. International Street Run 15 km and 9 km time measurment and ranking of runner will be taken by CHAMPION CHIP system. Each runner will be given a CHIP inside of start number. Every runner is obliged to have CHIP - it is needed for the final ranking . Wrong attachment of CHIP can effect in not ranking the runner. .

Prizes - money only
-men- general classification- places I-VI (1400,- ,1200,- ,1000,- ,800,- ,600,- ,400,- PLN)
-women-general classification- places I-IV (1400,- ,1200,- ,1000,- ,800,- PLN)
-age groups K i M- places I-III (300,- ,250,- ,200,- PLN)
-classification of disabled I-IV (250,- ,250,- ,250,- ,200,-PLN)
-classification of city residents I-VI (250,- ,200,- ,150,- ,100,- ,100,- ,100,- PLN)
Runners awarded in general classification will not be awarded in age group classification.
All runners ,who will finish the race  will be given medals, certificates,
for those registered before 24th August there is special t-shirt.



-race is for people over 16 years old,

-runners under 18 years old need written parents permission,

-each runner starts on his or her own responsibility which is proved by his or her signature on the document stating ability to participate in the race,

-electronic registration should be sent to organizer address - deadline from  5th March till 24th August  www.mckis.jaw.pl,  www.datasport.pl or www.maratonypolskie.pl - for those who will register on the day of race organizer will not provide special t-shirt,

-all runners must be verified in competition office on 1st September during verification ID or passports must be shown to control the day of birth and nationality of runners,

-taking start number by runner means accepting terms&conditions of the race,                                                                

-all runners accept for message that participation is tied in run with physical fetch, natural risk of case injuries or deaths,

- signing of application card means, that participant has considered character, range and degree of risk with participation in performance and stars in race on his own responsibility,                                                                           

-race will take place in street traffic, each runner must be very careful during the race,

-each runner must be familaiar with terms&conditions of the race and must follow its rules,

-final ranking will be display after the end of race and on websites www.mckis.jaw.pl, www.maratonypolskie.pl and www.datasport.pl

Financial Matters
-organizing cost is on organizer side,
-personal cost is on competitors side or club of competitior,
-entrance fee is 40 PLN till 24th August. On the day of run entry fee will be 60 PLN

It should be sent only by electronic form to organizer address - deadline 24th August for those who will register on the day of race organizer will not provide special t-shirt
Entries for the event will open from 5th of March by www.maratonypolskie.pl or www.mckis.jaw.pl or www.datasport.pl